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Can any UK vaccine efficacy data and analysis be trusted if the vaccinated population number is incorrect? In the UK there was an important ONS Bulletin with data that has been widely used by politicians and the mainstream media to make the claim that the COVID vaccines are effective in reducing mortality, audaciously claiming 32 times lower mortality in the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated. The ONS dataset is systematically missing vaccinated people in the first few weeks and then some of them appear to be added back later. This has been conveniently ignored.

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A whistleblower from the UK’s NHS speaks out about her traumatic experience treating patients harmed or killed from the jabs




Not only are water and food pricing rising in the up… But so is the corruption stemming from the so-called COVID jabs.

A whistleblower from Britain’s National Health Service has come forward to share her traumatic experience of what she witnessed as a nurse.

NHS is the National Health service of the United Kingdom and most all of the commonwealth nations. NHS is fully funded by the government.

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Biden's DOE “Pup Handler” Charged With Felony Theft For Stealing Suitcase In Minnesota – Now Accused Of Stealing Luggage From Las Vegas Airport!





Joe Biden’s gender fluid “pup handler” DOE employee Sam Brinton was put on leave after he was charged with felony theft for stealing a woman’s luggage last month at MSP airport in Minnesota.

Brinton is now being accused of stealing luggage from a Las Vegas airport, KLAS learned on Thursday.

A felony warrant was issued for Sam Brinton for stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas!

Brinton was reportedly charged with grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000, KLAS reported.

KLAS reported:

An energy department official is accused of stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport, the 8 News Now Investigators learned Thursday.

A felony warrant was issued for Sam Brinton, a deputy assistant secretary, sources said. The charge is for grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000, records showed.

Brinton is a deputy assistant secretary of the office of spent fuel and waste disposition, according to the Office of Nuclear Energy’s website.

Brinton faces charges for a similar incident at the Minneapolis airport. He was on leave after charges were filed in connection with that incident, an energy department spokesman said in November.

Sam Brinton took a woman’s bag from the baggage claim area at a Minnesota airport on September 16.

Brinton reportedly removed the ID tag from the blue bag, quickly left the area and jumped in an Uber.

Sam Brinton didn’t even check a bag on that flight so he had no business being in the baggage claim area.

According to the complaint, Brinton returned to MSP airport with the stolen blue bag on September 18 where he caught a flight to DC.

The female victim said the contents of her stolen bag are valued at around $2,325.

Brinton is due in court December 19 in Hennepin County.

Sam Brinton last week requested his preliminary hearings be held remotely due to “financial difficulties” traveling between DC and Minnesota.

According to The National Pulse, Sam Brinton enjoyed a taxpayer-funded annual salary of $178,063 – which is in the top 1% of government salaries.

Brinton also got a top secret “Q clearance” alongside his $178,063 yearly salary.

The post Biden’s DOE “Pup Handler” Charged with Felony Theft For Stealing Suitcase in Minnesota – Now Accused of Stealing Luggage from Las Vegas Airport! appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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Republican Mayra Flores: Border Patrol Agents Feel Abandoned By The Biden Administration (VIDEO)





The situation at the southern border is far worse than the media or Democrats even realize.

Fourteen Border Patrol agents have committed suicide over the last few years. This is unacceptable.

Texas Republican Mayra Flores spoke about it this week.

CNS News reported:

Rep. Mayra Flores: Border Patrol Agents ‘Feel Abandoned by This Administration’

Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) told reporters at a Capitol Hill press conference on the Border Patrol suicide rates on Wednesday that Border Patrol agents feel abandoned by the Biden administration.

“I’m a wife of a Border Patrol agent, and it is an honor standing here today on behalf of all those who can’t speak out for themselves – our heroes, our Border Patrol agents. Abandoned. Those are the exact words so many Border Patrol agents have talked to me about. They feel abandoned by this administration, abandoned. This shouldn’t be political. This shouldn’t be about Republican or Democrat,” said Flores…

“This is an American issue, and I’m asking the Biden administration, I’m asking to please take this issue serious. South Texas needs solutions. How many more lives do we have to lose for this administration to take this border crisis serious? What has been discussed here today, it is not only a statistic. Families are forever changed, but to me it’s personal,” Flores said.

“I have lost — we have lost Border Patrol agents in the recent weeks that are our friends. Just last night, we lost another friend. It has to stop. The Joe Biden administration has played the border crisis. His policies have created, have downplayed it. He’s on record stating there’s other more important things,” the congresswoman said.

Watch the video below:

Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southern border is a disgrace.

Cross posted from American Lookout.

The post Republican Mayra Flores: Border Patrol Agents Feel Abandoned By The Biden Administration (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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