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Life Force Network News English Transcript – White Paper Protests



Welcome to Life Force Network News my name is Matt Sena. Today’s Top Stories Involve heated topics: China and Ivermectin. Let’s begin with a reframe of China’s “Super-Power” status, shall we?

The first part of this segment is from the reporting of Long Time Conspiracy Realist and published Journalist Jon Rappoport. This story and phrasing is credit to him and I am happy to inform you more deeply of his work.

Suppose the idea of REVOLUTION instead of SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE now spreads from China to Western countries.

When people who protest against the government in China can be tortured and killed, and yet they keep protesting, that tells you something big is happening now. White paper protests calling for Xi Jinping to step down are sweeping the entire massive country. A clever easy to procure hard to prosecute symbol has been adopted: a blank white sheet of paper.

The Associated Press on November 27th reported:
“Crowd angered by lockdowns calls for China’s Xi to step down. Protesters angered by strict anti-virus measures called for China’s powerful leader to resign, an unprecedented rebuke as authorities in at least eight cities struggled to suppress demonstrations Sunday that represent a rare direct challenge to the ruling Communist Party.

Police using pepper spray drove away demonstrators in Shanghai who called for Xi Jinping to step down and an end to one-party rule, but hours later people rallied again in the same spot. Police again broke up the demonstration, and a reporter saw protesters under arrest being driven away in a bus.

The protests—which began Friday and have spread to cities including the capital, Beijing, and dozens of university campuses—are the most widespread show of opposition to the ruling party in decades.”

The predators at the World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, the WHO, who keep bloviating praise for the Chinese regime and its COVID lockdowns and surveillance and social credit score policies— Those Globalist predators suddenly have something else to think about: the possibility of revolution in China against the government and against those exact policies.
We need to show overwhelming solidarity with the Chinese protestors.

Of course, the Chinese regime has the firepower to put down these protests. But, against a background of brutal long lockdowns, and with many of their citizens beyond all patience and on the edge of rebellion, is firepower a good idea?

This sets up a rock and hard place for the Chinese government. Media reports indicate that in some local areas, officials are starting to lift COVID restrictions—hoping to avoid wider protests. Certainly, Xi Jinping is starting to feel the heat. If high officials in the regime perceive he can’t handle the situation, they’re going to consider looking around for another leader. That could spell destabilization.

Regardless, it’s clear the vaunted and highly praised Chinese model of “dealing with COVID” is failing. The past two years of elite Western bullshit about China’s unqualified success is being exposed as sheer propaganda and fraud.
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, two of China’s strongest supporters, are suddenly looking like morons.

The Western press Lefties are nervously waiting for their marching orders. How should they handle this story? How should they slant it?

“Does the CIA want us to attack Xi Jinping? Or support him?”
“How the hell should I know? I’m waiting for something from the State Department.”
“What is Biden saying?”
“Are you kidding? He’s saying, ‘Where is my bathrobe? How do I get from the shower to my bed?”

The string pullers who manage Biden are earnestly hoping the protests in China are viewed in the US as “something happening far away over THERE and have nothing to do with us HERE.”
Which is a lie.

The entire effort of the Western Left to praise China is part and parcel of holding up the Chinese regime as a shining model of The Great Reset and all it implies—as that model is brought on board in the West. Realizing the model is collapsing before our eyes in China spells disaster for the Globalists, if enough people connect the obvious dots.

The Chinese regime is a stone-cold tyranny, period. Nothing about it should be welcomed on our shores. Its Great Reset, a gigantic punitive wall-to-wall Surveillance State, is a living nightmare. THAT’S what the Chinese people are now protesting, at the risk of losing their lives. THEY’RE the people we should be supporting, not their leaders. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.
— Jon Rappoport

Let’s take one good deep breath together. (Breath) I’m combining another high Octane Story into this segment simply because I don’t wish to waste your time. If you’d like to pause and take tea by all means….
Ok! Moving on to Ivermectin, IVM, or IVY for short. This contentious drug is an engineered pharmaceutical.

Its original biological inspiration, one could say, was discovered in the wild so to speak being produced by bacteria on a Japanese Golf Course in the 1970s, which of course was not a natural environment, nor a stress and toxin-free environment…. and it was subsequently engineered by Merck a Big Pharma Behemoth, into what we call Ivermectin. It is a pharmaceutical creation pushed heavily by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for decades and marketed through the UN via the World Health Organization for use, especially in Africa

All for the claimed purpose of preventing parasitic disease across the earth. What are these eugenics-obsessed people and organizations really doing with this so-called charity? Well, let’s skip to a cold fact and extrapolate from there. Ivermectin is produced by stressed and engineered bacteria.

There is evidence to conclude that it is a fact that, as with non-existent viruses in virology labs, the production of Ivermectin does not successfully isolate and purify the ivermectin from the bacteria that produces it all nice and cleanly before they turn it into a product. At least not enough to entirely prevent this Ivermectin-producing bacteria from entering the product, and subsequently the patient…. to a greater or lesser degree.

That can be considered a fact. From that solid footing, we get into an area of confident speculation: Taking Ivermectin means you now have internalized stress-resistant engineered bacteria which are likely spore-capable, meaning highly adaptive and hibernation-capable neurotoxin and antibiotic (ivermectin) producing bacteria in you. This is an incredibly cheap and easy drug to manufacture and it’s likely that one dose will have ivermectin replication capability in a living being via this strong and stress-resistant bacteria, just like in the factory that made the product, inside your person.

Mental health decline from this chronic ivermectin re-dosing which likely re-occurs internally after administration is similar to benzodiazepine and alcohol addiction as it similarly stimulates and toxifies the neural GABA system. It is thought that our nervous system’s regulatory processes are heavily influenced by the balance of the calming effect of the chemical GABA and the excitatory effect of the chemical Glutamate. Albeit a lot less fun than Red Wine, this is not a small thing since GABA is this neural system calmer that regulates the calming of thought, emotion, and physical movement. Meaning people with Ivermectin toxicity and so GABA imbalance will show signs of excitatory neural activity, something which can be mistaken for aliveness and recovery from the patient’s perspective, all too often. Symptoms include dementia-like anger, stubbornness, and immovable reflexive opinions. Sound like the vaccinated population nowadays?

Well speculation, and I want to be clear it is a speculation that this network is investigating, is the possibility that this cheap-to-produce self-replicating neurotoxin antibiotic and even pesticide-engineered pharmaceutical…. may be cheaply added to the vaccines as well.
After all, the now common spike protein theory of COVID Vax Toxicity is based on the supposed spike protein of a virus which has never once been isolated and proven to exist. So, in particular, that theory, regarding COVID vax content, should be completely scrapped. So what is really in these vaccines? Likely not extremely unstable and expensive to produce synthetic mRNA either. So let’s consider easy and obvious options, what on earth does Gates already push in his Satanic Eugenics Frenzy that is cheap to make, has long-term health implications not easily traced to the source, lowers people’s consciousness, and guess what… has even been shown to be implicated in cardiac deaths and blood clots thanks to the epidemiology of Dr. Dimitri Katz…. you guessed it: Ivermectin.

Citing the studies compiled by this Dr. Dimitri Katz, a young and vocal doctor with a passion for the Detoxifying B Vitamin, Niacin… we also have proof that Ivermectin binds to graphene oxide and carries it deeper into the body and the brain. Along the same vein, did you know that Hydroxyqloroquin when taken in conjunction with Ivermectin, greatly increases the Ivermectin’s ability to cross into the brain?

To our friends in the USA. Did you really think the cabal had a plan to depopulate the Democrats and not the Republicans with pharmaceuticals? This points to the urgent message I wrote the other week about gain of function-controlled opposition fear porn shills on the anti-vax side of the public debate who get plenty of airtime. These people too are distracting you and dividing and conquering you. The cabal’s evil extends well into alternative media, make no mistake about it.

My last point of emphasis today is that Ivermectin can in fact prevent you from a deadly hospital visit if you slip into an acute health crisis due to its ability to suppress your body’s healing crisis. Which is the nature of all allopathic medicine including common fever-reducing drugs. Ivermectin is a pesticide, an antibiotic. But it is also a neurotoxin which makes you similarly numb and mildly euphorically intoxicated like Alcohol and Benzodiazepines. You will feel better in the short term while taking this poison. There is no denying that. However again this is simply driving your dis-ease deeper into your tissues and postponing your healing.

There are other options available to you to triage your way out of a potentially deadly and definitely costly hospital visit for a non-trauma-related illness. Our wellness warriors at the network are assembling the best information on Niacin Flush protocols while we strive to bring you the best in the rest of natural healing. My two cents for the day are to drink a ton of distilled water! Rock Minerals don’t actually integrate into your cells anyway, only organic minerals do that. Flush your body with distilled water! Find out a way to get your sweat on and stay hydrated!

Please if you tolerated this segment well and are still listening, go check out our latest Wellness Warrior episodes and our Think Tank Interviews with Kelsey Kenney where all of this is broken down in kinder wording and greater depth.

The Life Force Health Center-

You can detox from this no-problem, even on a budget, no matter how much Ivermectin you or your loved ones have taken. The cabal relies squarely on ignorance whether through a lack of information or the work of their poisons. We can dispel this with simple knowledge and simple action:

That’s why it’s an honour to speak to you today and that’s the good news because that’s the way it really is.

The Life Force Network

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Life Force Network News English Transcript -UK False Data English Transcript




Can any UK vaccine efficacy data and analysis be trusted if the vaccinated population number is not correct? The short answer is no, but that’s not really NEWS if you don’t have evidence or the people aren’t aware that said evidence exists. In the UK according to the “Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between the 2nd of January and 24 September 2021”

An ONS BULLETIN The report is stated as based on a subset of the English population but still relies on vaccination information from the National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS). It is a combination of the 2011 census data and GP records and is named the Public Health Data Asset (PHDA) as a reference. Also, noteworthy is that the data has been used widely by politicians and the mainstream media to make the claim that the COVID vaccines are effective in reducing mortality, audaciously 32 times lower in the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

If you’re immediately wondering how that’s possible with the COVID Phenomenon only emerging in 2020 then you are at least halfway to the obvious conclusion

UKHSA, in their weekly COVID surveillance bulletins, use the NIMS dataset too. You would, therefore, expect there to be a strong relationship between the two. Indeed, at first glance at the cumulative data, this appears to be the case.

By the end of the study, the ONS vaccinated population is 88% of the full NIMS dataset, after attaining that level in the 3rd week of April. The deaths are almost the same, with the ONS study dataset non-COVID deaths being approximately 87% of the full mortality database.


When the data is broken up based on the weekly relationship there are some peculiar variations.

Evidently, the ONS subset of the vaccinated population grows at a slower rate than the full dataset but then catches up during two distinct phases -the 8th of -January to the 12th of February and the 26th of March to the 30th of April. Coincidentally, these dates coincide with the 1st and 2nd dose rollouts in the UK.

To make matters worse, if you plot the absolute weekly difference against the weekly vaccinations from NIMS, the picture is even more clear. people are relying on this information, conveniently fed to them with the exclusion of anything that contradicts it to encourage them to inject themselves in the belief they are increasing their chances of surviving the longest-running pandemic in history.

The integrity of analytical information is key to the accuracy of all medical research. The ONS dataset is systematically missing vaccinated people in the first few weeks and then some of them appear to be added back later. If this integrity is violated the data is useless or in some cases harmful to the participants especially when they’re being deluged with fear porn about an alleged virus that represents less of a threat than being hit by a meteor-and that is not an exaggeration, it’s an actual stat.

The anomalies in the UK reporting are conveniently ignored by the mainstream media and their storytellers who have no intention of outing the fraud of the scamdemic because they’re still being guided and paid by the regime to spout propaganda despite their utter failure to annihilate a large portion of the population

Do you want to watch more episodes of the real news? Go to The Life Force Network and let’s change the world together.

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